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Member Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, hear what our members have to say about being part of Textiles Scotland.

"Johnstons of Elgin are proud to be part of Textiles Scotland, the industry body for the Scottish Textile industry. We believe it is vitally important that our important industry works closely together on areas such as training and investment and provides a clear and united voice when working with government agencies.”

Simon Cotton, CEO Johnstons of Elgin

"I have found membership of Textiles Scotland very rewarding on many levels. The workshops they organise are always of a very high standard and well organised and help me to keep up with what's happening in the textile industry. On top of that there is the huge benefit I have gained from meeting up with inspiring people working in the industry and access to professional resources offered by Textiles Scotland."

Jenny Robertson, Director A'Nead Hand Knitwear

"Joining Textiles Scotland was a great decision. I've been warmly welcomed into a wonderful community of peers and mentors. Kimberley and everyone at Textiles Scotland want you to succeed and do very well. They keep you informed and connected with regular updates and offer many opportunities to meet and network, improve your skills, promote your business and advance your sector-based understanding. I became part of a huge family that cares about you and drives your business forward!"

Jessica Giannotti, Director Crubag

"J&D Wilkie are pleased to be members of Textiles Scotland. They provide a good networking facility into the full range of textile companies operating in Scotland and also a wider company exposure via the website.

Textiles Scotland provides a voice for the Scottish textile industry, be it technical or fashion-orientated textiles. This means that irrespective of company size the individual companies can gain from being part of a large organisation with the attendant political and industry influence."

Bob Low, Managing Director J&D Wilkie

"Being part of Textiles Scotland has made me feel very connected and up to date with the latest events and support that the Scottish textiles community has to offer. Opportunities provided through being a member of this friendly network have allowed me to help spread the word about my own collection through their support of my work in regular newsletters and on social media. The platform has also allowed me to keep up to date with the latest training workshops on offer and learn of events which can help to expand my market."

Mairi Helena, Director of Mairi Helena

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